About Us

Lakeview Property Management was formed in May of 2002 by Lori & Gary Florip. Lori has been working as a property manager for 15 years and in real estate for 12 years.  Gary has been an agent for 18 years and a broker for 12 years, Gary previously worked in both real estate & construction, he now focuses on real estate and has the background knowledge of the construction trade. He also had been a zoning administrator with knowledge of local zoning. Lori had been on the Tax Board of Review for 12 years which has given her an  education on property tax information. Both Gary & Lori have served on several area boards serving the community and are looking forward to serving you.

Both Lori and Gary hold real estate licenses with Lakeview Realty & Property Management which has been in business for 12 years. Gary is the Broker for Lakeview Property Management and also for Lakeview Realty & Rental Management, LLC. Lori has managed local properties for 16  years.

Gary & Lori have raised their family in the Lake Ann area and are now enjoying the Grandchildren who all live in the area.

Our Services

We at LPM offer complete services including reservations, hands on guest check-in/check-out, cleaning services, lawn maintenance, year round property checks; It is your choice, if you need one of our services or all we have to offer, the choice is yours. Give us a call or email us at lflorip@lakeviewmanagement.com , we would be happy to answer any questions or set up an appointment at your property for a consultation.